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Creating a more healed

and less hurt world.


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After suffering from the impact of trauma and ultimately becoming a survivor, I found a path to healing my mind and body. I now have the honor of sharing it with others and standing beside them as a coach and as someone who gets it.

Hi, I'm Lex.

I am a Certified Trauma-Informed Coach and Trauma-Informed Consultant.


Are you relieved to be out of survival mode but confused about what is next for your life?

Do you struggle to visualize what your future looks like after living in the past for so long?

Do you feel like you aren't struggling but you also aren't thriving despite "trying everything"? 

Do you want a safe space to explore your vision for your life and set goals?

Do you lack trauma-informed resources & people in your life so you stay in your comfort zone for fear of not being understood?

Are the words you told yourself when experiencing trauma causing self-doubt?

Do you feel like you have lost clarity of your values and direction? 

Do you struggle to find a program that facilitates external outcomes while also providing safe connection within a
compassionate community?

Are you ready to show yourself some love?

If you or your body answered "yes" to any of the questions above,
Trauma-Informed Coaching may be for you

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