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Join us in the Masterclass:
Building a Trauma-Informed
Inclusive Client Experience 

Leaves Shadow

Elevate your skills, enhance your client experience, and broaden your capacity for compassionate leadership.

You are incredibly courageous to pursue a purpose and offer your gifts to your clients and communities. 

You care and desire for trust, safety, and collaboration to exist in your relationships, communications, and spaces.

Adopting a trauma-informed approach is essential in providing a culture of safety, empowerment, and sustainable healing for you, your clients, and your community. 


Payment Plan

7 Modules: 35 Video Lessons

One Payment

best value!

7 Modules: 35 Video Lessons

Module Details
Anchor 1

The Curriculum:
Building a Trauma-Informed Inclusive Client Experience

This comprehensive training will provide entrepreneurs, practitioners, and anyone interested in optimizing their client experience from a trauma-informed lens with all of the necessary tools to create a safe environment for survivors of trauma.

Opening: Creating Safety and Introduction to the Training

Module 1: Defining Trauma-Informed

The definitions and frameworks of Trauma-Informed Care, the brain, the nervous system, and our capacity to promote healing in all spaces by providing a trauma-informed approach.

Learning Segments:

Defining Trauma & Trauma-Informed

The Brain & The Nervous System

The Impact of Trauma

Why Be Trauma-Informed


Module 2: Inspiring Safety

Comprehensive considerations for establishing and understanding the core guiding principle of safety.

Learning Segments:

What is Safety?

Felt Sense of Safety vs. Actual Safety

Hierarchy of Needs

Integration of Safety into Client Experience

Embodying Safety

Module 3: Inspiring Trust

An overview of trust building techniques with trauma survivors

Learning Segments:

What is trust?

Exploring the Speed of Trust

Deconstructing the Trust Matrix

Integration of Trust into Client Experience

Embodying Trust

Module 4: Inspiring Choice & Consent

How to build, implement, and embody a practice of choice and consent 

Learning Segments:

What is choice?

What is consent?

Boundaries & Transparency

Integration of Choice & Consent into Client Experience

Embodying Choice & Consent

Module 5: Inspiring Collaboration & Peer Support

Establishing trauma-informed support systems

Learning Segments:

What is collaboration?

What is peer support?

Scope of Practice

Integration of Collaboration & Peer Support into Client Experience

Embodying Collaboration & Peer Support

Module 6: Inspiring Empowerment

Integrating Empowering Practices into client experience

Learning Segments:

What is empowerment?

Fostering Capacity for Autonomy

The Power of Education & NS Regulation 

Integration of Empowerment into Client Experience

Embodying Empowerment

Module 7: Inspiring Cultural Competence

Integrating Empowering Practices into client experience

Learning Segments:

What is cultural competence?

Generational, Racial, & Historical Trauma

Acknowledgement of Bias & Harm

Integration of Cultural Competence into Client Experience

Embodying Cultural Competence

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