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Keynotes & Workshops

I have had the honor of speaking to rooms filled with students, employees, law enforcement, advocates, and military members on a diverse range of topics from a trauma-informed lens.  

Hire me for...


Are you looking to integrate a trauma-informed lens in your organization to serve your community?


Are you looking for an engaging workshop facilitator to provide tools for sustainable growth?


Are you looking for a professional inspirational speaker that can deliver a memorable presentation? 

(Each can be customized to your unique needs)

Building Trauma-Informed Workplaces

Reconnecting with the Mind and Body

Holistic Visualization & Sustainable Healing

Inspiring High-Trust Connections in a Low-Trust World

Trauma-Informed Practices for Revictimization Prevention (HT, DV, SA, SV)

Resilience : Becoming a Survivor

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