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Is a Bucket List a Mental Health Hack?

I have a theory I'd like to share. Have you ever completed a bucket list? How did it make you feel to check an item off or even complete the list?

During some of my darkest moments in life or even just times as a kid where we had long days and long summers without too much structure (miss that!), I have resorted to creating bucket lists. I remember being in 5th grade and creating a summer bucket list from Girl's Life Magazine ideas. I have also experienced times of extreme fear and depression and bucket lists became a healthy coping mechanism for me.

I don't think it matters what the bucket list is but next time you are down or need something to look forward to, I suggest you check one out! Pinterest is a great tool. For those local to Cleveland, Ohio, is a fave. Whether it is a coffee bucket list, hiking bucket list, traveling...I believe there can be many perks

  • Sense of structure

  • Accomplishments you can check off

  • A reminder that there is a future

  • Adding movement into your day

  • Possible going outside of your comfort zone and exploring it in a safe way

See below for one of my own lists for you as an example.

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